Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who Knew It Could Be So Easy?

For a long time I have been considering starting up a blog to support my online business, but it seemed kind of overwhelming! Don't I already have enough computer work to do, what with adding to my shop, shopping for supplies, and all that social networking?

Well, my friends, I have recently discovered something that has pushed me over that decision-making edge! Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs will take everything I post here and pass it on to my ASTERrisk Jewelry facebook page, my *LDS Jewelry facebook page, and my ASTERriskjewels twitter feed! My LinkedIn account already snags everything I post on twitter. Are you feeling my joy? The day I set up my Networked Blogs account was like Independence Day!

Don't get me wrong, I love to express my random thoughts and exciting tidbits to the world, but after I've posted it once it's just tedious to go to each of my various accounts to re-post it or link to it. And then my work is no longer fun. It's work. And I don't like to work.

Ok, watch this. I'm going to click on "Publish Post" and this entry is going to fan out everywhere, like the ripples from a stone tossed into a quiet pond....


....And there it is.....