Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have recently fallen in love... with druzies! 

"What is a druzy? Druzy crystals take hundreds or even thousands of years to form. They form as molten rock begins to cool with trapped gases inside. The gases cause gaps in the rock. As groundwater flows through these gaps for century after century, minerals crystalize on the rock - forming a blanket of intense crystallization."

This description is taken from an Etsy shop, Beads Addict, where I have recently purchased several druzies. I made a couple of Christmas necklaces with them, which, of course, are one of a kind, because no two druzies are ever the same.

The red one has been sold, but the green one is still available on my website.

I have a few other druzies just waiting to be made into pieces of jewelry... rings, perhaps? They're a bit smaller than the Christmas pendants. Aren't they gorgeous??

If you click on the above pictures, you'll be taken to Beads Addict, the Etsy seller I bought these druzies from. If you see any stones there that you love (or anywhere else, for that matter) let me know! I can work with you on a custom piece.


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